Hi-Way 13 Career Opportunities

Are you a highly motivated, hard working professional? Hi-Way 13 is hiring.

If you have a collaborative attitude and are someone we can trust and depend on to get the job done right, then you're definitely a great fit for our team. We're always looking for ways to attract people who are willing to go the extra mile. And we're willing to reward them handsomely.

Our pay rates are competitive within the industry. We're a leader when it comes to workplace safety. Hi-Way 13’s in-house safety protocols and standards exceed those of Standard 10 of the National Safety Code Regulations. That's why our drivers can come home safe and satisfied after a day's work.

It's the people behind Hi-Way 13 that make our workplace culture optimistic and service-oriented. We take great pride in being a family-owned business – small enough to know our employees and care about them, but large enough to support our staff’s professional growth. We think this fact sets us apart from our competitors. We're more than happy to invest in your career. When we invest in you, we invest in ourselves.

If Hi-Way 13 sounds like the kind of company you would like to join, contact us today; we would like to help build your tomorrow.

Hi-Way 13 Career Opportunities